[Infographic] 9 Shocking Music Business Lies

[Infographic] 9 Shocking Music Business Lies

Wow! Where do I start? There are so many misconceptions in the music business (music business lies).

That’s why I started this blog! I want to help artists and people looking to get into the industry sift through the crap and focus on what’s important.

Lies in the music business. They come from everywhere.

From your parents, your teachers, managers, labels, agents, lawyers, the media…etc.

Lies are everywhere. Usually they are hidden from view with a half-truth wrapper.

9 Shocking Music Business Lies 

music business lies


Fighting your way to the truth can be difficult. Hopefully by exposing misconceptions you will get a better understanding of the realities of the commercial music industry.

If the graphic didn’t load in your browser, I’ve written out the 9 shocking music business lies.

1. People gravitate to the best music

Do They? What is great music? Who are you to say!?

People don’t know what they like, but they like what they know.

The music with the most exposure will be the most popular.

2. You don’t need a label with the internet….right?

Actually, you do. If you want to be a global superstar at least.

Radio is still the dominant music discovery platform and labels control access to radio.

Anyone can sell their music online, but fans need to find it.

3. Follow your passion! Don’t worry about genre…

I hate to break it to you, if you want massive success, your music needs to be the BEST version of a current, successful format. (Pop, Urban, Country, etc)

4. What?! She didn’t write all her own songs??

There is no room for weak songs at the top of the charts. Superstar artists need to put out hit after hit or they’re dead.

Most songs on the Top 40 radio charts were written by the best writers and producers in the world.

The best song wins.

5. You need a perfect photo and press kit to get noticed

If the music sucks, none of that matters.

Focus on songwriting, studio performance and live performance.

6. Recorded Music/Streaming rates are a super important topic

For most artists, big and small, roughly 90% of their income comes from live performances!

If you are just starting out, don’t get caught up in the fray.

Focus on monetizing “fandom” in as many ways possible.

7. EDM is a fad

Not true. It’s here to stay.

EDM reaching the masses was the biggest movement in music in decades.

EDM celebrates collective experiences. Embrace it.

8. I’ll change that manager/label/agent/critic/fans’ mind about my music!

You probably won’t.

As soon as they heard the first 30 seconds of the first song, they’ve made up their mind.

No amount of sweet talk, drinks or nice photos can make up for less-than-great music.

9. I got a record deal! Now I’ve made it…

Not so fast buddy. You are just getting started.

You now have to sell radio on your music, sell concert promoters, sell festivals, sell FANS!

There you have it!

I consider these to be some of the strongest lies in the music business. But remember, there are many ways to achieve success and you don’t need to subscribe to this particular path of understanding.

Keep your eyes open. Focus on your craft.

Most things that seem to good to be true usually are.


photo: Bjorn




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